New Bulk Lookup API

February 26, 2020

For all our paid customers, our new bulk lookup API is now available. This API endpoint allows you to search the attack correlation engine with up to 1024 IPs or a CIDR block of /22 or smaller.

Sample response:

        "ip": "",
        "isocode": "TH",
        "country": "Thailand",
        "state_code": "unknown",
        "state": "unknown",
        "city": "unknown",
        "postal_code": "unknown",
        "latitude": 13.75,
        "longitude": 100.4667,
        "timezone": "Asia/Bangkok",
        "connection_type": "Cellular",
        "asn": 23969,
        "asn_organization": "TOT Public Company Limited",
        "isp": "TOT Mobile Co",
        "organization": "TOT",
        "discover_date": "2020-02-22 03:00:11",
        "risk_level": 4,
        "threat": "abuse_tracker"
        "ip": "",
        "isocode": "GB",
        "country": "United Kingdom",
        "state_code": "ENG",
        "state": "England",
        "city": "Stoke Newington",
        "postal_code": "N16",
        "latitude": 51.5625,
        "longitude": -0.074,
        "timezone": "Europe/London",
        "connection_type": "Cable/DSL",
        "asn": 5089,
        "asn_organization": "Virgin Media Limited",
        "isp": "Virgin Media",
        "organization": "Virgin Media",
        "discover_date": "2020-02-24 01:45:05",
        "risk_level": 1,
        "threat": "unknown"

See for more info