At, we understand the critical importance of robust IP management and comprehensive geo-blocking capabilities in safeguarding organizations against cyber threats. That’s why we are proud to offer two powerful features: Whitelist/Blacklist IP Management and GeoBlock Support. These features empower organizations to customize their security policies, protect their digital assets, and fortify their defenses against malicious actors.

Whitelist/Blacklist IP Management

With’s Whitelist/Blacklist IP Management feature, organizations gain full control over their IP management requirements. Whether it’s allowing access only to trusted IPs or blocking suspicious ones, our platform offers seamless customization to meet the unique needs of each organization. Through customer-invoked APIs, users can easily integrate and automate the management of custom IP whitelists and blacklists, streamlining security operations and enhancing protection against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

GeoBlock Support’s GeoBlock Support feature provides organizations with a powerful tool to bolster their security posture by blocking entire countries’ IP spaces in just a few minutes. Leveraging the FraudGuard v2 API, organizations can implement geo-blocking policies tailored to their specific risk profiles and compliance requirements. By restricting access from high-risk regions or jurisdictions with a history of malicious activities, organizations can effectively mitigate cyber threats and safeguard their digital infrastructure from unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security incidents.

In today’s dynamic threat landscape, organizations must adopt proactive measures to protect their digital assets and mitigate cyber risks effectively.’s Whitelist/Blacklist IP Management and GeoBlock Support features empower organizations with advanced capabilities to customize their security policies, control access to their networks and applications, and defend against evolving cyber threats. With, organizations can strengthen their security defenses, enhance risk management practices, and safeguard their digital ecosystem with confidence.