, the leading provider of fraud detection and prevention solutions, has once again raised the bar with its latest feature enhancement. By leveraging the power of AWS CloudTrail, now offers a seamless integration that allows businesses to monitor and analyze their CloudTrail data directly from their AWS accounts. This groundbreaking feature provides organizations with unprecedented visibility into their AWS environment, enabling them to detect and mitigate potential security threats more effectively than ever before.

Unlocking Insights with CloudTrail Data:

AWS CloudTrail is a service that records API calls, console access and other activity within an AWS account, providing a detailed history of actions taken by users, applications, and services. By capturing events such as resource creation, modification, and deletion, CloudTrail offers invaluable insights into the activities occurring within an AWS environment.’s new integration empowers businesses to harness the full potential of their CloudTrail data. By connecting their AWS accounts to, organizations can seamlessly ingest CloudTrail logs into the platform, where they can be analyzed and correlated with other security data within the FraudGuard Attack Engine in real-time.

Key Benefits of the Integration:

Centralized Visibility: With CloudTrail data integrated into, businesses gain centralized visibility into their AWS activities alongside other security events, facilitating comprehensive threat detection and incident response.

Advanced Analytics:’s powerful analytics engine enables organizations to analyze CloudTrail data in-depth, uncovering IP patterns, anomalies, and potential security risks that may go unnoticed with traditional monitoring tools.

Customizable Alerting: Leveraging’s alerting capabilities, businesses can create custom alerts based on specific CloudTrail events, ensuring timely notification of suspicious activities and potential security breaches allowing security teams to quickly identify and remediate threats.’s enhanced integration with AWS CloudTrail represents a significant advancement in cloud security monitoring and threat detection. By seamlessly integrating CloudTrail data into the platform, businesses can elevate their security posture, mitigate risks, and safeguard their AWS workloads with confidence.

In an era of increasing cybersecurity threats and regulatory compliance requirements, leveraging the combined capabilities of AWS CloudTrail and is essential for organizations looking to stay ahead of emerging threats and protect their valuable assets in the cloud. With this powerful integration, continues to empower businesses to detect, prevent, and respond to fraud and security incidents effectively.